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Embed Educational Videos From YouTube In Your Notes

Lernabit is a note taking app designed for self learners. It helps you remember everything you learn about any topic. Now, you can even embed educational videos from YouTube in your notes to create rich media notecards. Educational videos are some of the most powerful tools for self learners. With so many educational videos available […]

Android App Update: Version 2.4.18

A new version of the Lernabit Android app is available. This version of the app adds a splash screen while the app starts. Otherwise, this is a bug fix release, including a fix for broken profile images in the navigation drawer. Get the latest version of the app now

The new Lernabit homepage after relaunching

Lernabit Relaunched 1 Year Ago Today

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the relaunch of Lernabit. Initially, Lernabit was just a place to get free 10 minute long audio lectures about a range of different topics. Those short 5-10 minute long audio lectures were called “Bits”, and the goal was to help people learn new things in short periods of […]